Website for Web II class

So… funny story… One day in December, I thought, “Oh, hey… the semester that I’ll be teaching a college course is coming up quickly. I should write a syllabus” … and then three days later I had purchased a domain name, programmed a fully custom WordPress site with members... View Project chevron

Chad Lawson – web design, branding & photography

Chad approached me with the need for a complete branding, photography and website for his new endeavor of speaking and consulting. He wanted to shift focus from being an IT support person, to a more speaking / teaching role. His focus while speaking revolves around nerdy, technical concepts, explained... View Project chevron

tracy apps design – website redesign

Funny story about my business website… Yeah, I accidentally deleted it. Which was fine, because it gave me the excuse to redesign and redevelop the website. So I guess that was a win-win. The new is completely mobile friendly, using RESS, parallax, HTML5 video, and all running on... View Project chevron

CrossFit 100: Responsive website

The CrossFit 100 project was one of my favorites to create. Not only did I design and code the whole site, I also captured and edited all the photography for the website. And if you look carefully, you’ll find me on the site. View Project chevron

Capitol Drive Lutheran Church: Responsive website

The Capitol Drive Lutheran Church website redevelopment project is another example where I was in charge of every aspect of the redesign. First I worked with the client to develop their strategy for the website, then presented a responsive design, did all front-end / WordPress development, initial content entry,... View Project chevron

Revolution Labs: Responsive web design & development

Revolution Labs had only an idea and a quick timeline for their branding and website. I was in charge of creating the Revolution Labs brand/logo, designed the website, did all the front-end and WordPress code, and even utilized my own photography throughout the site–all with a very short turnaround... View Project chevron