Chad Lawson – web design, branding & photography

Chad approached me with the need for a complete branding, photography and website for his new endeavor of speaking and consulting. He wanted to shift focus from being an IT support person, to a more speaking / teaching role. His focus while speaking revolves around nerdy, technical concepts, explained in very simple and accessible terms. In his speaking, the origami rocket is a key piece of the talk. So when I developed his logo, it only made sense to keep this as a central of his branding.

Since being a public speaker means selling yourself as your product, we also needed to get fresh headshots and photos. These photos would also be a big part of the website design as well. I also felt it was important to have a looping video of Chad speaking, front and center on the homepage. I wanted to be mindful of mobile users and data limitations for some, so this video is only loaded on desktop computers (using RESS coding methods). And yes, the site is a fully custom WordPress site. (surprise surprise 🙂 ) The site is a hybrid between those “all in one long page” designs, and traditional multi-page site. The goal of this setup was to allow users to get all the important info without having to click on a single thing. But any section could easily be filled out with more content in it’s own separate page. Nearly everything on the homepage is easily customizable within the admin area, so Chad is able to control, add, edit, or hide/delete any section without touching any code. I wanted to make sure that the site could grow and change along with his company.

Screenshots of the finished product are below.

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